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On writing and politics

This is a blog about writing and living a sustainable life. In particular, it is focused on writing fiction while trying to live more simply as I grow older. Like an old book I have become creased at edges.

For over thirty years I was a teacher in schools and universities and was published widely in the field of Cultural Studies. More recently I have turned my hand to writing fiction between stints in the garden where I grow vegetables and looks after chickens.

Chris Barker
Academic turned fiction writer 

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Politics and Writing (Fiction)

I have long been engaged in writing-fiction and non-fiction- and I have always been attentive to politics. I have written non-fiction work about politics, and I have written fiction that had an underlying political resonance. Politics and writing are inescapably intertwined. First, let me explain what I mean by politics. Politics refers of course toContinue reading “Politics and Writing (Fiction)”

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